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Brooke is a gifted healer and intuitive. She combines the best of all she has learned from medical nursing to eastern healing modalities, to help you find the balance and peace you are searching for.

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I am here to lead big-hearted people along the path to discover their truth, well being, and personal power!


Energy healing can give you the space to feel rested, at peace, and more in tune with your body than you’ve ever been before: Energy work can lower inflammation, relieve the burden of chronic illness, and put an end to stress. This work can shift your body out of fight or flight mode so you can heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Together, we’ll gather your energy to find flow, balance, and alignment for long-lasting wellness and a mindful life. Through intuitive energy work , I’ll guide you to the root of your deepest challenges so you can overcome, heal, and thrive.  

I started my journey as a medicine woman so I could learn to heal myself and lead others down the path to their own empowerment. Rather than treating symptoms with an abundance of prescriptions and no real solutions, we’ve got to dive deep and address the root cause of our ailments in order to experience true healing that lasts.


 Nightingale Cabin 

 Healing Center  

Play, heal, and get to know your inner child in the mountains of Utah at Stars Hollow.

The beautiful home base and healing center is in the Huntsville Eden area! Can't make a physical appointment? Book a online session with me! <3


All I wanted was a mountain, water, and trees. That was all I cared about.
To have safe container for vulnerability and healing.



My Story


I DIDNT KNOW THAT I WAS A HEALER, or that I even wanted to be one! Iv always been caregiver; when I was 11 years old I was care taking for my grandmother. When I got older, I went to nursing school on a whim. It was something I did to make my family proud, and to have a secure source of income. 

I TOOK AN OATH as a nurse, 14 years ago, to be my patient's greatest advocate. To be their voice when they had none. I have always been one to stick up for the underdog, and that was my biggest role in the walls of the hospital. 

OVERTIME I STARTED FEELING DISAPPOINTED BY MY JOB. I was craving more intimate healing moments. I felt that I had so much more to offer my patients than just giving out medication. In my eyes, I wasn't a healer. I was a glorified drug dealer. Not only was I disappointed in my job, I was disappointed at what I was witnessing from the doctors. They weren't aware of the emotions, words, and energies that were transferring to all those they touched. It was hard to bite my tongue, I may have had a few altercations with some of the doctors (lol). I didn't take the oath I made lightly.. 

SO! I BEGAN MY HEALER'S QUEST. I started trying out other spaces in the hospital. Looking for the place that resonated more with my soul, and then I found hospice. I started working with foot zoning, and learning more about the alchemy of the body. Which felt way more fulfilling. My quest didn't stop there, I began taking martial arts, which was one of my biggest catalysts that showed me there were other ways to heal the body. I began meditation, and continued my research. Later on, I got my Reiki healing certification. Soon after, I found an introduction class to Qui Gong, and loved it. 

I didn't know anything about Qui Gong until it came to me through a meditation. It showed up for me in three different times. It felt like it was my message from the Universe that I was meant to learn what Qui Gong was about. 

MY LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT was the manifestation of the Nightingale Cabin! All I wanted was to find a place with the mountains, water, and trees for this transformational healing work to be done. The original medicine women of the world knew the secrets to healing by remembering one integral thing—we are part of nature. Nature works in perfect balance, and so does the timing of the experiences and opportunities we get met with in our lives! I'm honored and grateful for this next chapter of my life's journey. I look forward helping guide you to your healing, awakening, and empowerment. 

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I saw Brooke for a Intuitive Body Healing.  I was feeling heavy and dark. She was able to tell me things at I hadn't even thought of and 1 thing that I had been told previously.  After she got done I felt a little lighter.  It felt great.


DanaLynn Chadwick


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