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Edhuvum Nadakkum Marma Desam Episode 34

Edhuvum Nadakkum Marma Desam Episode 34

Edhuvum Nadakkum (Tamil: எதவம் நடக்கம்) (English: Anything can happen) is a fantasy horror television series that is part of the Marmadesam (Tamil: மர்மதசம்) (English: Land of Mystery) anthology. It was directed by Naga and written by Indra Soundar Rajan, based on the legend of Kalpavriksham, a wish-granting celestial tree. The series was aired on Sun TV from 2000 to 2001 and had 34 episodes.

Edhuvum Nadakkum Marma Desam Episode 34


In this article, we will review the plot and the cast of the 34th and final episode of Edhuvum Nadakkum, which was aired on January 29, 2001.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Siddharth, a student filmmaker, and Varsha, a sound recordist, who have come to the forest of Thanumalayakkudi, a tribal settlement, to make a documentary on the wildlife and the mysteries of the place. They have learned that Sivagurunathan, a divisional forest officer, and his brother Natarajan, a wildlife filmmaker and Siddharth's mentor, had gone missing in the forest while searching for the Kalpavriksham. They have also encountered various strange phenomena and dangers in the forest, such as a mechanical bird, a giant snake, a tribal girl who can transform into a leopard, and a mysterious man who claims to be the guardian of the Kalpavriksham.

In the previous episode, Siddharth and Varsha had found a cave where they saw a painting of the Kalpavriksham and a skeleton wearing Natarajan's watch. They also met Sivagurunathan, who had survived but lost his memory. They decided to take him back to the tribal village and seek help from the tribal chief. However, they were attacked by the mechanical bird, which was controlled by the mysterious man. Siddharth managed to shoot down the bird with his gun, but it exploded and caused a landslide that blocked their way out of the cave.

In the final episode, Siddharth, Varsha and Sivagurunathan try to find another way out of the cave. They discover a secret passage that leads them to an underground chamber where they find the Kalpavriksham. The tree is surrounded by various objects and ornaments that belonged to the people who had wished for them. They also see Natarajan's camera and backpack near the tree. Siddharth realizes that his brother had found the Kalpavriksham but had died after making his wish.

As they approach the tree, they are confronted by the mysterious man, who reveals himself as Vaidyanathan, a former scientist who had come to the forest with his wife Lakshmi to study the Kalpavriksham. He explains that he had discovered that the tree was actually an alien life form that had landed on Earth millions of years ago. The tree had the ability to manipulate matter and energy and grant any wish to anyone who came near it. However, there was a catch: the tree would also take away something from the person who made the wish, such as their life, memory or sanity. Vaidyanathan says that he had wished for eternal youth and knowledge from the tree, but it had taken away his wife Lakshmi in return. He had then devoted himself to protecting the tree from anyone who would try to exploit it or harm it.

Vaidyanathan tells Siddharth and Varsha that they have two options: either they can leave without making any wish and forget everything that happened in the forest, or they can make a wish and face the consequences. He warns them that if they try to destroy or expose the tree, he will kill them. He also reveals that he was responsible for killing Sivagurunathan's wife and daughter, who had followed him to the forest and stumbled upon the tree. He says that he had spared Sivagurunathan's life but erased his memory as a punishment.

Siddharth is enraged by Vaidyanathan's actions and decides to destroy the tree. He grabs Natarajan's camera and backpack and runs towards the tree. Vaidyanathan tries to stop him, but Sivagurunathan intervenes and fights with him. Varsha follows Siddharth and tries to dissuade him from destroying the tree. She says that they should respect the nature and the mystery of the forest and leave peacefully. She also says that they should not risk their lives for a revenge that will not bring back Natarajan or anyone else.

Siddharth is conflicted, but he ultimately agrees with Varsha. He drops the camera and backpack and hugs Varsha. They decide to leave without making any wish. Vaidyanathan, who has overpowered Sivagurunathan, sees them leaving and smiles. He says that they have made the right choice and that he will let them go. He also says that he will restore Sivagurunathan's memory and send him back to his job. He says that he hopes that they will forget everything that happened in the forest and live happily.

The episode ends with Siddharth, Varsha and Sivagurunathan walking out of the cave and seeing the sunlight. They smile and hug each other. The camera pans to the Kalpavriksham, which glows and makes a sound. The screen fades to black.


  • Siddharth - Sureshwar

  • Varsha - Devadarshini

  • Sivagurunathan - Poovilangu Mohan

  • Natarajan - Subhalekha Sudhakar

  • Vaidyanathan - Mohan Vaidya

  • Lakshmi - Karpagam

  • Tribal Chief - Shailaja

  • Tribal Girl - Chandra


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