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Vitali Isaev
Vitali Isaev

How to Install and Use Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Patch on Your Computer

Deep Freeze is a fantastic product that helps us manage 250 public access PCs spread over eight sites. Using Deep Freeze means that most PC issues can be resolved by simply rebooting the machine. Our ICT team reduced in size yet the number of available PC hours actually increased over the same period, this would not have been possible without Deep Freeze, it is a vital part of our public access PC management strategy.

Faronics Deep Freeze Standard Patch

Do you really believe that disabling Windows Update is the best way to protect your users when you notice a problem like the malicious update that is mentioned in this release notes?I know that when I wrote the original version of Deep Freeze, I also mentioned that we were looking at ways of fixing problems and that's why I pointed out that the way to fix the issue I documented earlier would take a few days to fix. So there's good cause to believe that the new version will still suffer from the same issue.I'll be interested to hear how this is eventually fixed, but I can't help but feel that this is less than an acceptable solution.

So now what about the exploits that you're speaking about? I'd assume that they are already in the system. The only way this software can protect you is by running patch after patch. I would assume it can't fix Windows exploits or other exploits that aren't visible to the user? Is that correct? Do you have to wait for a user to be exposed to these exploits to fix them? When these exploits are on the user machine, is the software enough to protect the user? Or do you have to reboot the machine to have the software be effective? I'm just wondering how it works in its entirety and how it can protect a user. Thanks!


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