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How To Buy Chelsea Tickets Without Membership !NEW!

The easiest way to obtain tickets is through membership, loyalty points or CFC's official ticket exchange. This is the easiest way to buy tickets, and if you're planning on seeing a game in a certain season, then it definitely makes sense to buy membership for that season. As before, I could rehash this topic, but as u/travelingCupcakes opted, it's best to have a read of u/EnglishMD's post here. It's very comprehensive and makes a great starting point when beginning to inquire about tickets.

how to buy chelsea tickets without membership

Q: Are loyalty points from previous years of membership retained?A: No, loyalty points are refreshed every year. There are often renewal bonuses that reward people for consistently renewing, or renewing early in the form of an early bird sign up bonus (5 points if you sign up before first game or something like that). If season tickets are available (usually when existing season ticket holders are not renewing) and you have enough points, Chelsea will contact you.

Q: How commonly do games reach general sale?A: For the current season, only one game has gone to general sale. There are a lot of external factors that make this a risky and unpredictable option. Your best, most guaranteed way to tickets is through membership.

Q: I live in North America. How can I get tickets?A: First, get a True Blue International membership, which costs 40, and gives you ticket access and Chelsea TV online. Second, join either your local supporters group and/or join Chelsea In America (this is where your ticket access will come from). It's easy because you deal with tickets here rather than through the club. For about $100/year you are a member with ticket access to most games.

Q: Is a site like reliable?A: It can be useful for those lacking loyalty points or membership, but in no way will we condone or recommend that site, or any other similar sites. We cannot guarantee it to be free of fake tickets or tickets sold for profit. We only recommend going through official channels to get tickets.

With the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Christmas and Boxing Day games firmly behind us, a new season of Premier League football is already underway - and the age old questions remain. What's the best way to get cheap tickets? Is it possible to get tickets without a membership to your club? And which sites are reliable for buying online tickets?

For more on football tickets, check out our Premier League tickets guide or take a look at our football section. Alternatively, keep reading for our advice on bagging Premier League tickets without a club membership.

If you don't have a membership but want to attend a game, you may have to go via re-sale sites. These inflate the price slightly in a bid to make a profit, but you don't have to pay a membership fee to secure your tickets. Hence, if you're going to one or two games rather than attending regularly, the price differential might not actually be that much.

Below, we've linked out to some key ticket retailers to help you get tickets without a membership. If you do have a membership, go directly via the club. Also, we always recommend caution when using ticket resale sites but thankfully, in this case, all sites have a 4.4 star rating or above on Trustpilot.

Following England's big win in Women's Euro 2022, we've seen a big increase in interest in WSL tickets. WSL tickets are typically much more affordable than Premier League equivalents, so it's a great way to see football without paying the same high prices.

Our first recommendation is to check directly with the club to see if they have tickets available. Whilst most matches often sell out 8 weeks in advance, there are some games, mainly midweek matches which are often available to fans. If you want to purchase tickets directly from the club, the first requirement is that you must have a Chelsea Membership. Each season there is a limited timeframe when you can purchase the membership.

The more matches that you purchase throughout the season increases the membership points on your account. To purchase tickets for the big games against rivals such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City all require a large number of points.

If you are only interested purchasing tickets for one or two Chelsea matches, purchasing a membership is not really worth the investment. If however, you intend on visiting more than 4 times in one season then I definitely recommend you purchase a membership.

Chelsea FC are different to most clubs as they offer a greater percentage of tickets to members, this allows more fans to watch the team play at Stamford. Getting tickets is easier than most big clubs in the English Premier League and most people will be able to follow the buying process without difficulty. Ticket demand for Chelsea games is however very high and therefore do not expect to simply get tickets for the big games.

With around 5,000 tickets being made available for all Chelsea home games this means that tickets are accessible to fans. Would we recommend that you purchase a membership and apply online for tickets for one game only? No, simply because of the low chances of getting the tickets for the game you require.

The price for a season ticket at Chelsea tickets ranges from 125 to 940 depending on the section In the stadium, but Chelsea Premier League season tickets are usually sold out each season. You can buy and renew season tickets online at

Follow the steps below. Additionally it's recommended you apply for club membership before the start of the season in order to get priority to Chelsea FC's ticket sales. However, there are many third-party providers that sell Chelsea football tickets to non-members on the secondary market.

Another perk of CIA membership is that when combined with Chelsea FC membership (30), members receive access to purchase tickets for home and most away CFC matches via Southeast Blues. In order to purchase tickets to Chelsea matches, you must be a member of both Chelsea in American and Chelsea FC. Keep both memberships each season to move up in the away ticketing queue where seats may be limited.

Any child under age 14 must be accompanied by an individual age 16 or over. All children who are aged 14 on or before 31st August 2021 will be able to apply for junior tickets without an accompanying adult.

Please note, on our new Seatgeek platform, we are now able to restrict online access to home games. This will mean that supporters who do not qualify to purchase tickets will not be able to log in and access the seating plan and select any seats. This new functionality will ensure that only the fans who qualify and have the correct level of membership will be able to access the home game when tickets go on-sale.

The first two days of the show (Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25) are always reserved for RHS members only. All-day tickets for RHS members on these days cost 90.85. Find out more about RHS membership here.

Visit and explore every season with a Callaway Resort & Gardens Annual Membership. Valid for a full 12 months, your membership offers unlimited access to all 2,500 acres of beautiful gardens and Robin Lake Beach all year long, as well as savings on spectacular special events like Pumpkins at Callaway and Fantasy In Lights, up to four free guest tickets and savings on unforgettable garden adventures including floating obstacle course Aqua Island, fishing on 13 private lakes and tee times on our two gorgeous golf courses. A membership pays for itself in two visits, and also directly supports helping Callaway Resort & Gardens grow. Become a member today!

All standard membership options include a variety of perks and benefits including 10% off recreation and programming activities and up to 25% off Fantasy In Lights & Pumpkins at Callaway Value Night tickets! We are also happy to offer the following special discounts for membership.

Each membership includes complimentary one-time use passes to be shared with family and friends to enjoy the gardens with you. In addition, other guests will be provided a 20% savings on general admission tickets to enter the gardens.

This is problematic for being buying from outside official channels as it makes it possible for tickets to be sold multiple times by scammers without the purchaser being able to protect themselves or verify the veracity of the ticket. 041b061a72


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