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Shaundi Saints Row Playboy 16 NEW!

four years later, the saints get taken to the future, where they help the legion in their fight against mega-man in the present. [50] in the future, shaundi remains an evil, overprotective, and, most notably, emotionless person, speaking only in her file and audio logs. she was a lot more talkative in saints row: the third. [16] she's still a shape-shifter, however, which is evident in her appearance as a gremlin at the end of saints row: the third.

Shaundi saints row playboy 16

although she gave up her saints row identity, shaundi showed up in saints row: the third disguised as her old gang-mate, ventress, to exact revenge on the saints for abandoning her and causing her to kill her boyfriend - johnny. once the saints find out, they confront her and beatrice; she explains how the saints abandoned her and left her to die. eventually, the saints see through her disguise, and she is defeated. she is later seen with ventress in the "ten-foot under" mission where they help the saints in the upcoming battle with the nuke.

she is seen in an empty cell, apparently stranded in the future. before shaundi passes out, she says that she should live her life for herself and not for the saints. she doesn't like living in the future, which is why she wants to die in 2013, before the saints came to save her. [45]

when shaundi is shown in saints row iv, she still has the same attitude towards the saints as she did in saints row: the third, although she is shown to be somewhat more approachable. shaundi had taken over her role as the president of the saints, and her speech in saints row iv is much more positive.


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