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Old world remedies merged with the modern for a holistic approach to health

Private Qigong Lessons

Awaken Your Body’s Energy Systems & Create Faster Healing.

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • North Main Street

Service Description

WHAT IS QI GONG? Qi Gong is an ancient practice of movement that has been made to improve one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The literal translation of qi gong is “energy work”. The body moves and flows in and out of postures while being connected to the breath. This movement is for harnessing willpower, focus, and awareness of life force energy moving through our bodies. The postures were channeled by asian shamans that observed animals and earth's elements for the purpose of turning them into healing movements for the human body. BENEFITS OF QIGONG + Lower stress and anxiety. + Increase focus + Improve balance and flexibility. + Reduce risk of certain chronic diseases. + Release stagnant energy stored in the body. + Boost empowering emotions. + Deepen connection to earth. + Bio-hacks the body’s immune system. + Increase clarity and energy. + Refresh the mind, body, and spirit. + Harmonize and restore the body’s lymphatic system. WHO NEEDS QI GONG? Qi Gong is for people looking to deepen their mind-body spirit connection. It is for anyone looking for more peace and tranquility in their lives. Qi Gong is a movement meditation, which helps people who are ready to let go of the stress on a regular basis, and integrate more empowering emotions. Qi Gong is for people who want to heal their pain in their body, or any pain in their emotional body. Anyone who is wishing to develop a practice that will improve their overall life and connection to themselves will benefit from Qi Gong. ​

Contact Details

  • EDistrict Office Building, North Main Street, North Salt Lake, UT, USA

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