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I saw Brooke for an Intuitive Body Healing.  I was feeling heavy and dark. She was able to tell me things that I hadn't even thought of and 1 thing that I had been told previously.  After she got done I felt a little lighter.  It felt great.

DanaLynn Chadwick

I have been going to her Qigong classes on the weekend, and I really enjoy it!  I get tight muscle groups from repetitive movements during the work week and Qigong motions help me stretch and relieve that.  I had a numb spot on my ribs for a year that nobody could work out; after a month of Qigong that is back to normal.  Brooke is a knowledgeable instructor who also offers a variety of other modalities. 

Tyler Ellis

I came to Brooke to help me with back pain. I didn't want surgery and needed an alternate solution. Her Qi Gong training was a miracle! I have been pain free for 3 months now! Amazing!​

Shawn Swapp

Brooke has such a healing and comforting energy. From day 1, I felt safe to share something that was so delicate and sacred to me. She helped me work through many things, as well as release things I don't even necessarily remember.  Her space is very inviting and beautiful. When I moved further away, we were even able to facilitate a few sessions over zoom and they were so powerful.

Brooke made sure to explain all of the possibilities after our sessions too. For most of them, there were a few days of a lot of emotions, both great and not as fun.. She is fantastic at helping me through-there were many times I was not sure how to process some things in the aftermath and she'd give me a ton of suggestions and then check in later. 

Brooke is someone I am truly blessed to have met and am so lucky she's in my life. She was able to help me find and accept the darkness that is inside of me, while simultaneously helping my light shine even more.  I have struggled with getting and staying pregnant and after working with her to heal my womb, and healing my body, I will be welcoming a beautiful baby into my life soon. I am beyond grateful and recommend her to everyone!

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