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Old world remedies merged with the modern for a holistic approach to health

Available Online

Womb Healing, Empowerment, & Liberation

Online & In-person Sessions Available

  • 1 hour
  • 222 US dollars
  • North Main Street

Service Description

WHAT IS WOMB HEALING? For centuries, many cultures and traditions practice womb healing to clear away energetic imprints from past lovers, social conditioning, and past traumas. The womb isn't just a physical organ, it is the center of creation, pleasure, and represents our relationship with the self. Womb healing is for restoring the purest and absolute truest sense of self. Womb healing is for liberating the magic of the divine feminine. It is my mission to help you clear any blockages that are holding you back from feeling a true intimate connection with your body, your womb, and all creations that you birth into this world. BENEFITS OF WOMB HEALING + Increases in flow of creative energy and mental clarity. + Boosts confidence and drive. + Brings more joy, laughter, and freedom. + Helps attract more positive and empowering relationships. + Creates more space for creative inspiration to flow through. + Purifying and grounding our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. + Awakening our will power and authentic expression. + Emotional balance WHO NEEDS WOMB HEALING? Womb healing is for All women, including those who identify with being a woman. More specifically womb healing is for.. Women who care for the needs of others before their own. Women who feel emotionally drained and exhausted. Women who feel they have energetic cords from past lovers or experiences that they are ready to let go and move on from. Women who are looking for a deeper connection and understanding of their womb. Women who need help detoxifying negative mindsets and belief systems. Women who want to feel a sense of belonging in their body. Women who are looking to feel more freedom and comfort from their bodies. Women who want to return to the purest version of themselves. HOW IS WOMB HEALING DONE? Womb clearing is done by a combination of different healing modalities. I use my sacred musical instruments, songs, guided hypnosis, massage of the womb, reiki, and intuitive body healing. Together we will clear away the blockages that are holding you back from embracing your divine creatrix self. ONLINE SESSIONS AVAILABLE It is not necessary to be in the physical presence of a client in order to perform a Soul Retrieval. The work can be done from afar, as it is the energy of the client that is being worked with. This is as equally if not more powerful for the client, as the ego is not involved, and the distractions form the physical body are minimized.

Contact Details

  • EDistrict Office Building, North Main Street, North Salt Lake, UT, USA

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