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Hd Porn On Nude Beach

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hd porn on nude beach

I read these words on a computer monitor two hours ago. The experience reminded me of the first time I read pornography. The same furtive fascination, the same flush of shameful excitement. This was something forbidden, something truly illicit. As when I was 15 years old and leafing through a copy of "Fanny Hill" in my parents' kitchen, I was acutely aware that I was seeing something I should not be seeing, something murky and addictive. But this shock was uglier; it felt more like being a Peeping Tom, or watching a neighbor's homemade porn video. For the shadowy frisson wasn't the revelation of the vast subterranean world of sex: It was the public sexual humiliation of the president of the United States.

But something happened as I read on. The thrill wore off; the shock wore off. Just like at a nude beach, all those forbidden, exciting, titillating details suddenly lost their aura. And all that was left was what we had known all along: President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had sex. Like a veteran dirty-movie director, Ken Starr had simply zoomed in to extreme close-up. Because most of the country doesn't care that they had sex -- but they might, if they were forced to watch every hip thrust, every train-going-into-a-tunnel shot. If the president's only weak point is his sexual appetite, get him there. In fact, that might be the best ploy of all. Work on the country's Oedipus complex -- nobody wants to see Daddy with a hard-on. Get that penis-cam in here!

Then again it might not. Because we've all seen pornography, and we've all had sex. You aim the camera below any of our belts, you're going to get the same script, and if you make it a legal inquisition you're also going to get those hideous footnote numbers, so reminiscent of purge-preparation dossiers placed on the desk of Comrade Stalin. The Starr report is banking on the horror of a pre-modernist America, the America that banned "Tropic of Cancer" and "Lolita" and "Ulysses." But America isn't that place anymore. If Clinton goes, it will be because the man or woman in the street can't bear to look at him naked. But that man or woman may also say, "Hey, I've seen that before. Pull your pants up, bub, and get back to work."


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