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7 Week Intensive Embodiment Course

Beginning April 4th, 2022

-Weekly Module-


Week one: Harness the power of stance & conscious breath work for faster healing. 

Week two: Find your freedom through emotional intelligence & understanding the elements of fear.

Week three: Learn how to identify your body's Yes and No signals. 

Week four: Heart opening & soul journey through sound healing & toning.

Week 5: Uncovering the truth about anxiety, worry, & lack of trust. 

Week 6: Learn how to heal & empower your own womb and create deeper intimacy.

Week 7: Integrate all the new information, & sessions together. We will have a closing ceremony to leave you feeling complete with a new direction of how you can continue this work for more self healing. 

With a background in nursing & my studies in ancient wisdom, I can help you connect the dots to the missing pieces you are looking for. 

Weekly live Q & A

+Course Bonus

One on One Coaching Call,

We will dive deep into your personal journey, so I can specifically help you achieve your embodiment goal.


Individual support by yours truly.

15 years in health care and about 7 years in holistic care gives me a wide background.

I also continue to work with coaches and heal myself, I continue to grow so I can also meet my clients on a deeper level.

feel your best and bring your gifts to the world.

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