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Centered healing retreat

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Vitali Isaev
Vitali Isaev


Equipped in scuba gear, Anderson and Leichliter were prepared to search for Hawaiian spiky sea cucumbers on Monday a week ago. They chose the date carefully: The species has been seen spawning in coordination with the full moon. The two men hoped to collect six specimens ready to reproduce.


NIJISANJI Livers usually stream with iPhoneX facial motion capture technology, Live2D models rigged in-house by ANYCOLOR, and the NIJISANJI app (commercially unavailable). This method is technically simpler and much less expensive than full-body 3D motion tracking equipment, but mobility is typically limited to facial features, head rotation, and limited upper body movement. These models suffered from many stuttering and accuracy issues in NIJISANJI's early days, but such issues are seen less often today as their technology has improved over time.

In addition to Live2D and conventional full-body 3D motion capture, NIJISANJI also supports "Niji 3D" (にじ3D), which allows Livers to stream using their 3D models without a studio. The range of motion for Niji 3D is limited to the upper body and hand tracking.

Based in Shanghai and in Taipei, these branches were NIJISANJI's first presence overseas. Referred to as NIJISANJI VTuber Project (二次三次虚拟主播企划), it was created and fully operated by CAPSULE Inc. with ANYCOLOR (at the time, Ichikara) providing branding and technical support. 041b061a72


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