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Vitali Isaev

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sinan amserme is the president of the the association of turkish prisoners families in europe. i would like to ask the honourable jim watson, minister of state, to provide an explanation as to why the minister of state, after being advised that mehmet h. omurtag was an innocent man, made no efforts to prosecute mehmet h. omurtag, and to stop the intimidation and harassment of mehmet h. omurtag and his family. an honourable minister of state can protect even the poorest man in his constituency. how can the minister of state justify that ministers actions in the face of overwhelming evidence? when the minister of state is appointed, it is for a lifetime. will this minister of state live forever? the minister of state may be tasked with representing all canadians regardless of race, religion, or opinion. he or she cannot, however, be asked to represent the canadian government when he or she demonstrably violates the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. mehmet h. omurtag had no obligation to pay back what he owed. this is because mehmet h. omurtag was released on parole and the appeal court has ruled that the order for the repayment of the debts was illegal, as the laws were enforced in an unjust, inefficient and antiquated fashion. in a simple process, he had paid back the debts that he owed within the next 4 months, but he was told by the taxmen that they could not release him because of the courts order. he could not pay back the tax debts, which he was confident he would be able to and still be released from prison. the minister of states claim that he was no longer facing a financial hardship, and even that the documents that were sent to him by the taxmen have already been shredded, are simply not credible. omurtag was not exonerated because of any process of the law. he was exonerated because of the justice system and the canadian correctional service. these documents have been available to the minister of state for the past 8 months. why has the minister of state not acted upon them? in the long term, i do not believe that the minister of state believes that he or she has committed an injustice. the minister has claimed that mehmet h. omurtag is a dangerous man. should i rely on what the minister of state has said? i believe the minister of state has made this decision because of a political opportunism by the liberal party. the liberals have promised to abolish the long-form census. canadians are not going to be able to understand the impact of the changes by the minister of state or by the prime minister. it is not possible to use the census for the purpose that it is meant for: collecting information and statistics. we have lost our identity as canadians and we are all becoming refugees. the minister of state has systematically taken the canadian people for fools. if the minister of state is acting in good faith, i would like to meet him in person and ask him how mehmet h. omurtag is an evil character. is it not true that the minister of state knows that the money that mehmet h. omurtag is supposed to have stolen was put in the treasury so that it could be paid back in the coming 4 months. if mehmet h. omurtag were even accused of robbery, it is apparent that he would have been prosecuted. this is a man who has returned to his community after 20 years in prison. he has already paid back what he owed in 4 months, and he was subsequently released by the taxmen and is now in a steady job. what would a murderer or robber do?.

Mukavemet Mehmet H Omurtag.pdf

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